Primary objective of LankaPay Shared ATM Network is to provide all banks and financial institutions in the country a level playing field irrespective of their size, resource capabilities etc, by allowing their customers to access their account via any ATM in the country.

Implementing and operating an ATM network with a card management system is a costly affair. Our state of the art solution allows the member banks and financial institutions of SAS to offer their customers with the convenience of using the ATM service without having to invest on their own ATM system and a card management system. The simple integration process only requires an Interface and minor modifications to the existing core banking system which also enables quick integration to any institution coming on board to LankaPay Common ATM Network.

High level architecture of SAS

LankaPay SAS/CAS Features

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Balance inquiry
  • Fund transfer amongst your bank accounts

LankaPay CMS Features

  • EMV capable state of the art system
  • Proprietary card management
  • Embossing and encoding file generation prior to expiration
  • Maintenance of number of incorrect PIN tries
  • Card hot listing
  • Card reissuing and regeneration
  • Withdrawal limit controls, per transaction/ per day
  • Transaction count controls per day
  • Linking of multiple accounts
  • Amendments to the card database
  • Interface to the CAS network as well as to the FC’s internal System (depending on the requirement)

Support offered to LankaPay SAS member banks and financial institutions

  • Dedicated technical support for project implementation and ongoing technical support for operations
  • 24*7*365 support hotline
  • 24*7*365 Call Centre facility (upon request)
  • Disaster Recovery Site with one to one back-up on network links
  • Business data reporting
  • Comprehensive training for system operators
  • Hosting customer hotline for ATM transactions (conditions will apply)
  • Card issuance support (conditions will apply)

Benefits to Banks and Financial institutions of joining SAS

  • EMV capable CMS
  • Over 4000+ access points with over 4000+ ATMs island wide which are connected to LankaPay Common ATM Network
  • Lifetime connectivity payment
  • No annual maintenance cost for ATM switch and Card Management System.
  • Less capital investment (By this investment you save server installation cost, Server maintenance cost, ATM installation capital investment
  • Less operation expenses (No ATM maintenance fee, ATM operating fees as well as the indirect costs related to ATM operation and cash handling risk)
  • Confidential data protection - no sharing of confidential customer information with competitors.
  • Ability to introduce new combined products and services independently.


SAS Quarterly Statistics

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