National Card / LankaPay Card

The LankaPay Card is a groundbreaking product introduced by LankaPay, the operator of Sri Lanka's National Payment Network. Designed to facilitate efficient and secure electronic transactions. It is currently co-branded payment card in partnership with JCB International Co., Ltd. (JCBI), one of the leading international payment solutions providers. LankaPay intends to co-brand with several other leading international payment solution providers in future.

Explore the advantages for businesses

  • Lower transaction costs: By utilizing the LankaPay Card for transactions, businesses can benefit from lower transaction costs. The adoption of EMVCo standards translates into reduced costs for both banks and merchants in Sri Lanka, making electronic payments more cost-effective.
  • Contribution to national payment network: By embracing the LankaPay Card, businesses contribute to the development of Sri Lanka's National Payment Network. This aligns with the country's efforts to move towards a cashless society and promotes the adoption of digital payment solutions.

Low commission : When a LankaPay Card is used by a customer at my POS, the commission that I get charged is maximum of 1%.

Financial institutions currently signed up with LankaPay Card

LankaPay Card Co-branded partnerships

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