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“The LankaPay Card is the unlike anything else domestic payment card of Sri Lanka. It introduces a compelling product for these members by providing a seamless avenue to issue dual-branded payment cards affiliated with international card networks, aligning with prevalent international norms for improved security and technological reliability.

The essence of the LankaPay Card dwells in its capacity to broaden the functionality and acceptance of local financial institutions' card offerings on a global scale, leveraging networks that spans countless ATMs and merchant outlets internationally. This initiative is not just about enhancing the global usability of the LankaPay Card but also about elevating the user experience. In the broader perspective of transitioning towards a less cash-dependent society, the LankaPay Card emerges as a crucial tool for financial institutions, enabling them to significantly influence Sri Lanka's leap into the future of digital payments, fostering a more inclusive and efficient digital payment landscape.”

Explore the advantages for financial institutions

  • Global acceptance: Currently, LankaPay Card is accepted at ATMs and merchants on the JCB network worldwide. This global acceptance ensures that businesses can cater to customers from various parts of the world, including those from countries where JCB cards are prevalent.
  • EMV enabled: The card is EMV enabled, adhering to the highest international standards of technology and security set by EMVCo. This ensures secure transactions for both businesses and customers, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized use.
  • Enhanced customer experience: The partnership with JCB International Co., Ltd. opens a range of international services and promotions for cardholders. This not only enriches the payment experience for customers but also attracts more business for merchants, especially in the tourism sector.
  • Contribution to national payment network: By embracing the LankaPay Card, businesses contribute to the development of Sri Lanka's national payment network. This aligns with the country's efforts to move towards a cashless society and promotes the adoption of digital payment solutions.

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