FinCSIRT, the Sri Lanka Financial Sector Computer Security Incident Response Team, formerly known as "BankCSIRT," was established in 2014 through a collaborative effort involving the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka Banks' Association and the Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre. FinCSIRT is an independent unit hosted under LankaPay (Pvt) Ltd, the operator of the national payment network. Notably, FinCSIRT holds the “Liaison Membership” of the Asian Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team and the First Pacific FinCSIRT to be established.

In its initial phase, FinCSIRT started its operations primarily providing a reactive response to the banking sector. However, FinCSIRT has evolved to provide more comprehensive services to the financial sector.

Core services

  • Sharing of threat intelligence among member organizations
    • Advisory alerts
    • Vulnerability alerts
    • Informational alerts
    • Weekly threat intelligence reports
    • Monthly threat intelligence summary reports
  • Incident management

ISOC - Information Security Operations Centre Services

  • Online monitoring of member application downtimes
  • Black-Box testing of banking and financial online applications
  • Monitoring / analyzing incoming and outgoing security events
  • Log analysis system / file integrity monitoring system deployment and maintenance
  • Financial SOC alerts
  • Information security operations center alerts

We have expanded our service offerings to

  • 40 financial institutions
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka Bankers Association
  • Sri Lanka CERT
  • Supporting parties for the Sri Lanka Financial Sector – Vendors, CID, Ministries
  • Global parties – Financial Sector Security Teams (Globally), Asian Pacific CERTs

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