LankaPay Smart Wallet

The ultimate solution for seamless transactions! Add funds, check your balance, and spend at your convenience with this digital pocket companion. Simply link your wallet, then breeze through purchases in-store without the hassle of cash or cards. Plus, easily track your spending and manage your finances all in one place.

Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional payments and hello to effortless convenience with LankaPay's Smart Wallet – your go-to for easy, everyday transactions!


Step One

Check your phone to see if it has NFC capability to add a LankaPay smart wallet

Step Two

Download the preferred mobile application

Step Three

Select “smart wallet” option.

Step Four

Your smart wallet will be automatically added

Step Five

In the beginning, it will carry a “0” balance

How do I get a LankaPay Smart Wallet

How do I top-up my LankaPay Smart Wallet

The mobile application will provide instructions for the top-up process, tailored to the specific app you're utilizing.

How do I use my LankaPay Smart Wallet?

Using your LankaPay Smart Wallet is as easy as a tap!

Simply ensure that your smart wallet is loaded with funds, then look out for any POS terminal displaying the "LankaPay" branding. When it's time to pay, just tap your phone against the terminal, and voila! Your payment is processed instantly, with the amount deducted from your smart wallet in a snap. No need to fumble with cash or cards – just tap and go! With LankaPay's seamless payment experience, making purchases has never been simpler.

Discover LankaPay Smart Wallet from your preferred mobile application

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