With the global Sri Lankan diaspora expanding, there arises an imperative for financial institutions to offer a reliable, secure, and efficient channel for remittances. LankaRemit stands as the solution, presenting a seamless platform for expatriates to transfer funds swiftly and affordably to their beneficiaries in Sri Lanka. Backed by cutting-edge technology and stringent security measures, LankaRemit ensures compliance with regulatory standards while delivering unparalleled convenience to users.

Explore the advantages for financial institutions

  • Increased customer base: By offering a seamless and user-friendly interface for money transfers and various financial transactions, financial institutions can attract more customers, especially the growing population of Sri Lankan expatriates.
  • Global transactions and real-time exchange rates: Financial institutions can provide their internet payment gateways for customers with the ability to conduct global transactions with real-time exchange rates, giving them a competitive advantage and attracting users looking for transparency in currency conversions.
  • Marketing opportunities: The ability to add advertising banners within the application creates marketing opportunities for financial institutions. They can promote their products, services, and special offers directly to users of the LankaRemit system.
  • Facilitation of duty-free allowance requests: For foreign employees, financial institutes can facilitate duty-free allowance requests, enhancing their services for expatriates and contributing to a smoother cross-border financial experience.

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