With advanced QR code technology, LANKAQR facilitates seamless transactions for customers and merchants alike. Offering versatility through QR stickers or mobile/POS terminals, it enables convenient and secure payments via smartphones. With the potential to attract international tourists and enhance competitiveness, LANKAQR empowers Financial Institutions to elevate their digital banking offerings and drive customer satisfaction.

Your financial institution can take part in LANKAQR system in mainly two ways

  1. Become a Transaction Acquirer (allows your app to scan and pay at LANKAQR merchants)
  2. Become a Merchant Acquirer (allows you to onboard merchants to and issue LANKAQR codes)

LANKAQR partner banks and financial institution list

Please contact any of these Banks or Finance Companies and request from them a LANKAQR code for your business


Quarterly statistics as of 31st Mrach 2024


LANKAQR enabled mobile applications


Domestic transaction volume


International transaction volume

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