A digital certificate, also known as a public key certificate, is used to cryptographically associate a public key with the entity that holds it. Digital certificates are used to share public keys, which can subsequently be encrypted and authenticated. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need for online security links seamlessly with technological advancements especially with digital certificates.

In this line LankaSign stands at the forefront of this intersection, championing eco-conscious practices through its certified digital certificates for various purposes to ensure the online integrity. Aligning with the Electronic Transaction Act, No.19 of 2006, LankaSign follows a stringent process on validating the certificate users and their respective organizations before issuing a digital certificate.

How will the digital certificate help your business

  • IIt helps prevent fraud
  • It helps prevent unauthorized access
  • It helps run your business smoothly
  • It helps to create an audit trail

Our solutions

Local use

LankaSign offers variety of digital certificates to the entire Sri Lankan market. This is a self-signed certificate which has been operation from 2011.

Document signing

A digital signature is an e-signature that is backed by a digital certificate. It is a unique digital code, generated and authenticated by public key encryption which is attached to an electronically transmitted document that helps validate the signature holder and authenticity of the contents.

Digital Signatures helps to maintain confidentiality, integrity and accuracy of communication.

Why you should use digital signatures

  • Trust and compliant with regulation and security standards
  • Protected by encryption
  • Unique to the user and can be validated

LankaSign offers you:

  • Document signing on desktop platforms
  • LankaSign application programming interface (for standard instance, customized instances, direct integration)

Are you a digital signing app provider?

  • You could become one of the LankaPay powered apps who could provide signing solutions to anyone, Speak to us (Give the contact / preliminary documentation)

How do you get your digital signature for desktop?

  • Step 1 – You need to submit the application with the required supporting documents (Refer the downloads) whether it is hard token or soft token.
  • Step 2 – LankaPay will conduct a very stringent verification process
  • Step 3 - Make the payment
  • Step 4 – Collect or receive the digital certificate either via a HSM dongle or via mobile app.

Note - If you face any difficultly, please reach LankaPay support

Mobile device certificates

LankaSign offers automated digital certificates to mobile apps offered by third parties which are certified by LankaPay for authentication purposes.

Application certificates

LankaSign offers application certificates to systems such as clearing systems, SLIPS etc to ensure the authenticity of the systems connected from the financial institutions.

International use

LankaSign is expanding and crossing its borders. LankaSign has gained the Web Trust certification and operating under the National Certificate authority (NCA) which operates as the root certificate authority.

Await for internationally trusted digital signing services soon.

We are working with browsers and adobe to trust us via the National CA


Yes, it’s recognized according to Electronic Transactions Act No.19 of 2006 amended by Act No.25 of 2017

No. The document must be in original soft form to verify the digital signature.

Yes. Any document in soft form can be digitally signed.

The existing digital signature will not be valid anymore and it will be indicated that the document had been modified.

Original signature will not be valid anymore and it will be indicated that the document had been modified.

Yes but then the document cannot be considered as valid.

It is only an image of a signature that can be added to any document. An electronic signature can be copied and pasted and attached to other documents by anyone. An electronic signature doesn’t provide any document security and it doesn’t have a document verification process, or any tracking for changes made to the documents content after signing.

Digital Signature is based on cryptographic technology which offers greater document security and signer authenticity. Each digital signature is unique to the signer and the document, you cannot copy and paste the signature from one document to another. If any changes are made to the document or the signature after signing is complete, this will be indicated in the document rendering the document invalid.

There is some confusion regarding the difference between electronic and digital signature technology with people thinking the two are the same thing. However, the two signature types are different, and it is important to understand how, otherwise your business could be exposed to additional risks. Digital signatures provide the necessary security controls and hence is the recommended solution.

LankaSign digital certificates has broad uses including document/email signing, systems/applications integrations, mobile integrations, etc. LankaSign document/email signing certificates can be used to sign/approve any digital document.

He or She can (fraudulently) affix your digital signature.

Immediately notify your organization and CSP (LankaPay Helpdesk)

Contact your CSP to re-set your PIN.

Security token PIN is known only to the user. If the user forgets the PIN by any chance, they can only attempt an incorrect PIN a limited number of times. After that the token gets locked and can only be unlocked by using an admin PIN after sending to LankaPay. Admin PIN is only for use of LankaPay. If the user attempts the admin PIN incorrectly, the security token will be permanently locked and unusable. This is intended behavior to ensure the security of digital certificate, so that it cannot be misused.

Change your PIN

Yes, it is recommended.

Cannot verify the digital signature validity if it is stored in printed format. It must be stored in electronic format to be able to validate same.

Saves paper, saves space, cannot do unauthorized changes, very convenient and saves time

It should be obtained from an authorized/licensed Certification Serviced Provider (CSP) in Sri Lanka.

Yes, you can. We will provide the digital certificates and general guidelines.

The certificates can be used in anyway within the application the developer and product owners wishes at the discretion of developer and product owners as per product, compliance, legal and other requirements as long as such functions does not violate rules and regulations of LankaSign CSP. LankaSign provides only the certificates and related token driver software and does not provide any other software/application related services or support.

It is provided in a security token which can be plugged to the USB port.

LankaSign is Sri Lanka’s first and the only Certification Authority established in accordance with the Electronic Transaction Act, No.19 of 2006 on May-22-2009. LankaSign complies with all the international requirements for commercial Certification Service Provider facilities along with ISO 27001:2013 certification.



  Pdf Document

Board Resolution for Companies Registered at the Registrar of Companies

  Pdf Document

Digital Certificate Application form - General

  Pdf Document

Digital Certificate Renewal and Revocation Form

  Pdf Document

Instructions for Filling Forms

  Pdf Document

Instructions for Signing Agreement - Terms and Conditions

  Pdf Document

LankaSign_Digital Certificate Subscriber – Terms and Conditions

  Pdf Document

LankaSign_Digital Certificate Subscriber Agreement – Annexure 1 - Summary CP

  Pdf Document

LankaSign_Digital Certificate Subscriber Agreement – Annexure 2 - Summary CPS

  Pdf Document

LankaSign_Digital Certificate Subscriber Agreement

  Pdf Document

Non Disclosure Agreement

  Pdf Document

Statement of Signatures for Government Institutes

  Pdf Document

Statement of Signatures for Partnership Companies

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