US Dollar Online Payments

In the dynamic landscape of business, efficient financial solutions are paramount to success. Enter the Sri Lanka Interbank US Dollar On-Line Payment System, a platform tailored for businesses like yours. This innovative system empowers your institution to seamlessly transfer or pay US dollars to other institutions or individuals, all from the convenience of your bank.

By embracing this payment system, your institution plays a pivotal role in reducing foreign exchange outflows from Sri Lanka, while benefiting from low transaction processing fees. Say farewell to the complexities of traditional payment methods. The Sri Lanka Interbank US Dollar On-Line Payment System offers a modern and streamlined alternative, enabling your business to optimize its payment processes and bolster operational efficiency.

Explore the advantages for business

  • Transfer US dollars to other bank accounts (organizations or individuals) on the same day. 
  • Enjoy low transaction fees due to elimination of correspondent bank charges.
  • Transaction security for your dollar transfers between banks.
  • Support to minimize the foreign exchange flowing out of Sri Lanka.

Discover US Dollar Online Payments from your preferred financial institution

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