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LankaPay Card services for individuals by tapping into a vast network of ATMs and merchants worldwide. This approach seeks to not only enhance the global usability of the LankaPay Card but also significantly improve the customer experience by directly delivering the advantages to users. It represents a critical stride towards establishing a cashless society in Sri Lanka, promoting more inclusive digital payments, and encouraging an efficient digital payment ecosystem for consumers.

Furthermore, by emphasizing national pride in owning this card, offering it as a low-cost product with specially reduced ATM withdrawal fees, and ensuring wide acceptability both locally and internationally through various partnerships, the vision of enabling full societal participation in the digital economy is becoming a concrete reality, propelling Sri Lanka forward into a future of improved digital financial inclusivity.

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  • I get charged less when I use LankaPay Card at any ATM to withdraw cash. Rs.15
  • When I travel outside Sri Lanka, I can use my LankaPay Card at any ATM or POS terminal that has the logo of JCB Co.Ltd (JCB)

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