As an entity that is coming under the direct purview of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, LankaPay follows a similar process to the Government Procurement Procedure. By doing so, LankaPay expects to ensure an efficient, transparent, effective and timely procurements, while maintaining the highest standards of compliance and integrity throughout the process in keeping with good governance.

How we buy

Competitive Bidding (CB)

The Competitive Bidding procedure is followed in large and complex procurements of Goods, Works and Services.

Limited Bidding (LB)

LankaPay follows the Limited Bidding procedure specially when procuring smaller value items which are specialized in nature, directly inviting a pre-selected list of suppliers / contractors or service providers, often the registered suppliers of LankaPay.

Shopping / Quotations

LankaPay follows the ‘Shopping’ procurement method for procuring of;

  1. Readily available off the shelf Goods of small value;
  2. Small value commodities for which specifications are standard; and
  3. Small value Works or Services.

Direct Contracting / Single Source

LankaPay resorts to Direct contracting or procurement of Goods/Services or Works from a single source under special circumstances such as when there is no other suppliers who provide similar services etc.

Supply, Delivery, Installation, Configuration, Implementation, Commissioning, Training and Maintenance of Shared KYC System for LankaPay (Pvt) Ltd RFP No: LPPL/CB/ 2023/036/S1

Register with LankaPay as a supplier

Advertisement of Supplier Registration
Declaration Form for Supplier Registration
Document Checklist
Link for Online Supplier Registration Form

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Specimen Non Disclosure Agreement
Checklist Corporate Documents Submission for Non-Disclosure Agreement
General Instructions on Non Disclosure Agreement Submission
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