The Common ATM Switch was launched in 2013, as the first phase of the Common Card & Payment Switch (CCAPS) under the brand name LankaPay. Over the years, the network has grown to connect 99.95% of all ATMS in the county with 24 * 7 * 365 opration, enabling customers to use literally any ATM in the country, at their convenience. With LankaPay Common ATM Switch customers can now use any ATM to withdraw money and check account balance at an affordable cost.

Member Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Amana Bank
  • Bank of Ceylon
  • Bimputh Finance PLC
  • Cargills Bank Ltd
  • Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
  • Commercial Credit & Finance PLC
  • DFCC Bank PLC
  • Dialog Finance
  • Habib Bank Ltd
  • Hatton National Bank PLC
  • HDFC Bank of Sri Lanka
  • HSBC Ltd.
  • Indian Bank
  • MCB Bank Ltd
  • National Savings Bank
  • Nations Trust Bank PLC
  • NDB Bank PLC
  • Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC
  • People’s Bank
  • Public Bank Berhard
  • Regional Development Bank
  • Sampath Bank PLC
  • Sanasa Development Bank
  • Sarvodaya Development Finance PLC
  • Seylan Bank PLC
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Union Bank of Colombo PLC
  • L B Finance PLC

Maximum Customer Charges

  • Cash withdrawal – Rs. 30/= (including taxes)
  • Balance inquiry - Rs 7.50/= (including taxes)

Note – the above are the maximum customer charges as regulated by the Central Bank whoever this may vary bank to bank subject to the maximum fees given above.


1. Does LankaPay has its own ATMs?
No. LankaPay as Sri Lanka’s National Payment Network connects all ATMs of its member banks and financial institutions therefore, any customer of a member banks can use any ATM which is connected to LankaPay network. Currently LankaPay connects over 99.95% of all ATMs in the country.

2. How much does it cost me to use another bank ATM?
For cash withdrawal – Rs. 30/-
For balance inquiry – Rs. 7.50/-

3. What would I do if my card is held back at some other bank’s ATM?
Please call the hotline or visit your bank branch and inform them about the same. Then, your bank will either issue a new card or do the needful to get you the existing card which was held back.

4. What do I do if my card was PIN blocked due to entering an incorrect PIN number more than thrice?
Talk to your bank hotline to activate the same.

5. What do I do if I lost my ATM card?
Please contact your bank hotline urgently and instruct the card to be deactivated immediately.

6. What is the maximum amount that I can withdraw from another bank’s ATM?
This amount varies from bank to bank.

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