About LankaPay

"Towards a Digital economy"

Spearheading in implementing a variety of cutting-edge technology based payment innovations in the country, LankaPay has revolutionized the entire financial services landscape in Sri Lanka over the past two decades. A number of these payment solutions are pioneering initiatives in the South Asia region.

Financial services offered under the LankaPay National Payment Network are designed not only to be extremely fast, reliable, secure and affordable, but also provides ultimate convenience to the general public who are the consumers of these services.

As the operator of LankaPay, which functions under the guidance and supervision of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, LankaPay is regarded one of the best Public Private Partnerships in the region. The entity is owned by the Central Bank along with other licensed public and private Commercial Banks operating in the island nation.

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Make payments seamlessly through a widespread & secure local network

LankaPay as Sri Lanka’s National Payment Network, under the guidance and supervision of the Central Bank facilitates all domestic interbank payments providing a vital service to the country’s banking and financial sector and critical service to the country as a whole.

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