Human Captial Development

At LankaPay, Human Capital Development is top priority and it is well acknowledged by stakeholders the institution stands tall today due to the efforts and dedication of its people.

A firm believer that it is an absolute ‘must’ to keep hold of and develop the workforce, LankaPay pays great emphasis on nurturing its employees to ensures that both, the entity and its people, reach greater heights.

While taking great care in attracting the right caliber into the company, LankaPay, in its continuous human capital development efforts, offers to its employees across all levels, professional mentoring and coaching, an array of development programs, and on-the-job training, to develop specific skills. In that processes leadership is given utmost importance.

LankaPay also makes certain it creates a continuous improved work-life balance given the high professionalism and the rigidity of the industry it serves. Thus, much resources and efforts have been allocated in making the internal work environment and culture a friendly one. The company organises on a regular basis outings, trips, and friendly competitions to have its workforce encouraged, energized and refreshed to take on board with a fresh mind challenges that lay ahead.

LankaPay is most certainly an employer of choice and its relatively high retention, low employee turnover rates in the industry is evidence for the same.

New Compensation and Benefits Structure with monetary rewards for sales performance.

human captial

Inter departmental Annual Cricket Match

Inter departmental Annual Cricket Match

Inter departmental Annual Cricket Match

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