Information Classification

Communications originating from LankaPay will have the following information classification:

PUBLIC: Information that is deemed as appropriate to be shared in a public domain. Please note that any information shared by LankaPay which is classified as Public needs to have the proper internal approvals. Examples of information that is classified as Public are newspaper articles, press conferences, press releases, blogs, interviews, official social media posts, webinars conducted by LankaPay etc.

CONFIDENTIAL EXTERNAL: Sensitive information which are shared only with a selected set of internal and external individuals. Such information received by an external party should not be shared further without the explicit approval of LankaPay as unauthorized disclosure or dissemination of such information could result in financial or reputational. An example of this classification are details related to a fraud investigation conducted by LankaPay and relevant parties.

RESTRICTED EXTERNAL: Sensitive Information which are shared with a specific group of individuals on a need to know basis. Such information received by an external party may be shared further on a need to know basis without any approval from LankaPay. Examples of information that is classified as Restricted External are Operating Instruction Circulars (OICs), System Rules, general circulars issued by LankaPay.

Kindly note the following: Apart from the above classifications, LankaPay have classified information as INTERNAL, RESTRICTED INTERNAL, CONFIDENTIAL INTERNAL and STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Information with such categories are meant for LankaPay’s internal use. For any reason, if you as an external party receives any information from LankaPay with the classification INTERNAL, RESTRICTED INTERNAL, CONFIDENTIAL INTERNAL or STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, it would have been sent by error. If you receive any information with the said classifications, kindly inform the person who sent such information to you and refrain from disseminating such information further or taking any action on such information.”

In accordance with the Right to Information Act, No. 12 of 2016

Requests for Information should be made to the following Information Officer by completing and handing over a request preferably in the manner prescribed in the Form RTI 01 although this is not mandatory.

Information Officer,
Name: Sanjeevani Seneviratne
Designation: Manager – Legal
Contact Number: +94 11 235 6900, +94 11 235 6934

  1. Upon making the request for information either in verbal or written form obtain the written acknowledgment from the Information Officer.
  2. The decision whether to grant the information or not shall be given as expeditiously as possible and in any case within 14 days.
  3. If a decision is made to provide the information, the information officer will inform the citizen making the request that the information will be provided on the payment of a fee in accordance with the Fee Schedule prescribed by the Right to Information Commission. If the information is subject to payment of fee, the information shall be provided within 14 days of the payment. Information will be provided within 14 days of the decision if there is no requirement to pay a fee.
  4. If, after payment of fees the information cannot be provided within 14 days, the person making the request will be informed that there will be a further extension period – up to a maximum of 21 days – to provide the information and given reasons for the extension.
  5. When the request relates to the life and personal liberty of a citizen the information officer shall provide a response to the request within 48 hours.
  6. An appeal may be made in situations where,
    1. The Information Officer refuses a request made for information
    2. The Information Officer refuses access to the information on the ground that such information is exempted from being granted under Section 5
    3. Non -compliance with time frames specified in the Act
    4. The Information Officer granted incomplete, misleading or false information
    5. The Information Officer charged excessive fees
    6. The Information Officer refused to provide information in the form requested
    7. The citizen making the request had reasonable grounds to believe that information has been deformed, destroyed or misplaced to prevent him/her from having access to the information

    8. An appeal to the Designated Officer is to be made within 14 days.
      Designated Officer, Mr./Ms. (Name) : Mr. Channa de Silva
      Designation : Chief Executive Officer
      Address : LankaPay Private Limited, Level 18, Bank of Ceylon Head Office, ‘BOC Square’, No.1, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 01.
      Contact Number: 011-2356900, 0112356903
  7. When making an appeal as mentioned in section 6 of this notice, complete and hand over Form RTI 10, to the Designated Officer. The RTI 10 Form is not compulsory. A citizen making a request can make the appeal by a letter with the basic information indicated in RTI 10 justifying the appeal.
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