Notice to Our Valued Customers

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we wish to inform our customer that we have facilitated below to provide convenience to you as much as possible and also as a measure to minimize travels which is a timely need of the country:

JustPay – Mobile SDK Platform

JustPay platform and all of its services from initial inquiry to onboarding to support can be managed end to end at the convenience of your home or office with the exception of Full Round Testing phase being the only element that required physical presence until recently.

We have made arrangements to conduct Full Round Testing also remotely, taking the entirety of JustPay platform and its services online.

Please visit for more information.

Certificate Charges/Other Costs

There are no changes to applicable charges.

These Changes are in effect until further notice.
Thank you in advance for your corporation.


JustPay© is a brainchild of LankaPay, an initiative that is aptly supported by the Central Bank and all the member banks of LankaPay Common Electronic Fund Transfer (CEFTS) to facilitate secure real-time retail payments below Rs.10,000 under an extremely low tariff scheme. Accordingly, JustPay © will enable customers to make everyday payments by using their Savings or Current account by using smart mobile phones and other smart devices.

JustPay© was initiated as a highly secured payment mechanism with two factor authentication and end to end encryption in addition to further strengthen the security measures taken by banks for mobile applications and internet based transactions according to Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) approved security standards.

LankaPay anticipates that due to the extreme low transaction cost, smart innovation on the payment options, convenience and highest level of security, JustPay will soon become the primary payment mechanism amongst Sri Lankans for retail payments. To make this a success and prominent, the applications put out to general public has to be extremely simple to use, secure and must support local languages.

Justpay process

JustPay Registration Flow (Cycle 1)

JustPay Registration Flow (Cycle 2)

JustPay Transaction Flow

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