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Step 1 - Sign and submit your application

Please select your organization type to download your application for new certificate / renewals*

Download the user manual

*Renewals : After the certificate expiry, the digital certificate needs to be renewed by submitting the digital Certificate a ppl ication Form. security token is a ‘one off’ purchase. If there are any changes in the information provided, the organization must provide updated documents to LankaPay

Step 2 - Payment

  1. Once the submitted applications are successfully validated you will receive a payment request and the payment details from
  2. When payment is completed, please send the proof of payment to

Step 3 - Collect your token/digital certificate

  1. After the token/certificate is ready, you will receive an email with the token collection details.
  2. You can physically visit LankaPay Pvt. Limited to collect the token or you can request to courier it to your mail address. Please note that you must bear the courier charges.

How to revoke your existing certificate ?

  1. Click here to download your digital certificate revocation form

How to check the validity of the signed document ?

  1. Click here to download the user manual
  2. Click here to Watch the sinhala instructional video guide
  3. Click here to watch the english instructional video guide

Please contact LankaPay through our hotlines 011 235 6900 / 011 235 6999 for more

How to enable email signing & encryption ?

  1. Click here to download email signing & encryption document
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