LankaPay Online Payment Platform (LPOP)


This online payment platform will facilitate online payments from all commercial banks. LPOPP has been designed to communicate with any outside system on one side while the same Payment Platform will also be the front end for the participating Banks of LankaPay’ s Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS) to liaise with the LPOPP participant.

The customers can now directly connect to their respective bank via any channel connected to CEFTS (Internet, Mobile, ATM or Over the Counter) to make the required payment. Further, these payments will be credited on a real-time and 24 X 7 basis using CEFTS to the designated LPOPP participant’s bank account. LPOPP system provides its participants with the required payment confirmation details on a real-time basis while the relevant reports and other information to be provided agreed upon mutually for reconciliation purposes.

The settlement of the payment between the two state banks and other commercial banks would be via Central banks Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) and will be under the direct regulation and supervision of the Central Bank. LankaPay payment systems are Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Version 3.2 and ISO 27001:2013 certified to ensure the highest level of security compliance. These standards are internationally recognized and widely accepted set of policies and procedures intended to ensure the security of payment transactions.

Process Flow of LPOPP

  • Customer logins in to his Internet banking portal and select Respective organization to make payments. (Eg – Sri Lanka Customs) Afterwards he enters all requirement credentials to obtain the payment amount. Internet Banking portal will inform the Acquiring bank the request.
  • Acquiring bank will submit the request to LPOPP (rest API call)
  • LPOPP will submit the request to the respective organization.
  • Sri Lanka Customs will check its database and respond to LPOPP with the relevant payment amount associated to the organization’s Account number.
  • LPOP will submit the same to the Acquiring bank
  • Acquiring bank will show that information to the customer via the web portal.
  • Customer will then authorise the payment.
  • Acquiring bank will debit customer’s account and will send a message to LankaPay – CEFTS to credit the Sri Lanka Customs’s collection account.
  • LankaPay – CEFTS will route this request to Sri Lanka Custom’s collection bank
  • The collection bank will credit Sri Lanka Custom’s account and respond bank to LankaPay – CEFTS
  • LankaPay – CEFTS will route the response back to the Acquiring bank.
  • Acquiring bank will update LPOPP of the payment status.
  • LPOP will inform respective organization on the payment status (successful).
  • Sri Lanka Customs will update its database as payment is done. The organisation will generate a receipt number and respond back to LPOPP.
  • LPOP will update the Acquiring bank of the same with the receipt number.
  • Acquiring bank will update the web portal as “Payment is successful” with the receipt number sent by LPOPP

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