LankaPay Card Management System and Shared ATM Switch


In our quest to promote electronic payments in the country thereby empowering every Sri Lankan with faster, convenient, security and affordable access to banking services; as the National Payment Network of the country, LankaPay is committed to assisting all banks & non-banking financial institutions to connect with the National Switch in all possible domains, thus permeating the benefits of electronic payments to every segment of our society.

The LankaPay Shared ATM Switch was launched in 2015, having identified the need of those banks and NBFIs, who contemplate on offering their customers with the convenience of accessing their account via an ATM network, yet having the financial and operational constraints in investing in their own ATM network or Card Management System (CMS). LankaPay Shared ATM Switch provides a cost effective solution to their needs by providing a common infrastructure that connects over 99.5% of all ATMs in the country, enabling customers of any bank/NBFI the convenience of withdrawing cash or checking their account balance from over 4000+ ATMs island wide, for a fraction of the cost of investing in their own ATM network or Card Management System (CMS), with minimum operational hassle.

Member Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Regional Development Bank
  • Sarvodaya Development Finance

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